Supplier Comparison Chart Template

Looking for top quality products is essential for making the worth investment, especially if it is for crucial purposes like business. You must make sure that all the used materials and equipment have reliable quality, so you can deliver the same good level of quality products to customers. It is a form of linked chains. You need to check it from the first one.

Supplier Comparison Chart Template Excel

Although it is quite confusing sometimes to choose which supplier to deal with, the availability of many options lets you do the comparison to find the best. You are able to use Supplier Comparison Chart to keep a record of the best supplier to contact when you look for certain products. The comparison is not only applicable on the pricing rates. You can also compare the quality of product, service and delivery. It is also important to check each customer service, reputation, knowledge, customer focus and responsiveness. Compare them using a table and calculate the average.

The comparison chart can be made by seeing the average. For simple ranking, you can use the five numbers, 1 to 5. It allows you to create the small chart which won’t take much space on the paper, if you want to print it. You can compare at least three suppliers.  Through the chart, you can find out which supplier to rely on at the most based on the quality priorities.

This template should ease you on creating similar spreadsheet to compare your suppliers. By adding your own qualification parameters, you can easily decide which supplier that you want to continue to partnering with and which supplier that you want to terminate.

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