SWOT Analysis Template

For every company, there is no doubt that every project should be planned properly so the project can run well and it is able to bring profit to the company. However, of course planning for the project is not enough because there are also various things which should be evaluated the business or project which is involving some other companies. It is not a new thing in the business world that sometimes a company will make business or project venture with other companies. It can be used for place, person, or product. The internal as well as external factors will be considered in this evaluation.

SWOT Analysis Template

There are some things which will be evaluated. Strength is the first thing which will be included in the SWOT Analysis and it is kind of project or business characteristic which will give benefit over others. The second one is the weakness which is characteristic which makes the team at the relation in disadvantage to others. Both are the internal factor in the SWOT Analysis and there is also external factors including Opportunities and also Threats. The opportunities is the element which makes the project or business can make advantage exploitation meanwhile the threats the environmental element which can bring problem.

The SWOT Analysis can be found in easy template which can be filled easily with some columns which will include the SWOT columns as well as the column for information about the ventured companies. The SWOT columns are divided into some smaller characteristic which should be evaluated since it brings influence to the business or project venture.

To get all the values shown, just type criteria in each SWOT tables. Then put values on each criteria for each companies. SWOT chart will be shown automatically to help you analyze your company’s Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

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