Yes No Chart Template

Sometimes, you have to make yes no questions such as when you want to make a research. From the questions you need to calculate the point until you get the final result. To help you manage the questioner, you can just use yes no chart. The chart is useful to the research process especially on the calculation process. You can mention the total of respondents who give yes answer and no answer for each item.

Yes No Chart Template for Excel

Because it is presented in a series definitely you can read the result easily and you can get the data you need most. For example, you can find the highest yes answer or no answer. At least, you can also get the trend of the answer from each of item. Moreover, you will get the copy of the description of the question and it helps you a lot if there is something bad happen to the questioner. In conclusion, this kind of chart becomes the recap of the questioner given to the respondents before. The result of the questioner will be clearer and you can use it to continue your research so you can finish it faster than your schedule. Anytime you need to check the data, you just need to read the chart.

The chart consists of the description of the survey item, the total of yes answer, and the total of no answer. Besides the yes no chart, you also need to include the survey result and again you need to include the answer from the respondent for each question. Feel free to modify anything inside to meet your own survey requirement.

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