2012 Calendars

Year 2012 is about to come. It is time to start making a new plan. Have you made your plan? Plan for marriage, plan for vacation, plan for finding a new job etc. Why do I have to make a plan? That is a kind of question that is usually arisen if you are a simple people that always flow with the flow :). Perhaps, you should start to think about where you are now at this point of time. Have you ever thought that if you made some planning several years ago, probably you will get more better position, better income or better quality of life. But, if you think that you are already enough with what you have now, probably you don’t have to make a plan since you are always on the right track.

But, if you are a people that always think before you do, you can download this 2012 calendar template that might help you make a good plan. If you are planning to get married, you can start by finding a good date to propose, and if it is accepted, you can start to mark the dates with all wedding preparation, for example marking the dates for finding and booking a wedding reception location, preparing invitation, preparing wedding gown etc. Or, if you have flexible budget, you can find a wedding organizer to prepare it for you. Another examples if you are planning to move your house. You should prepare to change your correspondence address, decorating your new house, finding house movers, and you have to synchronize with your leave days. There are many planning examples that have to be created before the D-day. And those plans need calendar.

This 2012 calendars is calendars that are created with automatic date markers created using excel functions. Classify your event dates (there are 3 categories available, with one classification is filled with default US holidays) into three classification. Type your event dates, and you will see your dates is marked inside the calendar with blue, green or red colors.

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