Periodic Table of Elements Template

What is periodic table of elements? Why is it so important? The periodic table of elements is a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements, ordered by their atomic number, electron configurations, and recurring chemical properties.

Periodic Table of Elements Template

Student must study hard if they want to get good grade from their teacher. Some students will study regularly. Some other will take course because they want to learn more all things in detail. There are some subjects that make students feel frustration. They usually hate chemistry, math, calculus and other subjects. In chemistry class, they must learn about periodic table. In the periodic table, you will be able to know some metal types such as semi metal, transition alkaline metal, actinide, metal, alkaline earth metal and other metal. It is easy to see the group CAS and the group of IUPAC in one table only. It is so important to have the table because you will need the table to count all things. You can get some benefits when you have the table.

Before you can use the periodic table, you better learn some parts in the table first. You must learn some terms inside the periodic table then you can use the table to solve the question in the chemistry examination. You must remember the name and the atomic number or each atomic.

Periodic table consists of some columns with colorful box. Each color will have different name and characteristic too. In each of box, there will be one atomic symbol such as H for hydrogen, Li for lithium, Na for sodium and other atomic symbol. In the box, there will be atomic number, atomic mass, and the name of the atomic. There is group of CAS such as 1A, II A, IVB and other groups.

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