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When you decide to purchase any computer hardware, you will be able to find one with ease. But you must understand that the price for any hardware may be listed in foreign currency. For example, hard drive storage may cost as much as US$ 60. This price will become a little problem, particularly when it is sold at a country that uses a specified currency different from the US Dollar. In this sense, a currency converter calculator will be important especially to know the exact price of hard disk if it is counted through a specified currency that applies in your country.

Currency Converter Template for Excel

Currency Converter Template

What is a currency calculator? Well, basically there are two versions of such a calculator. The first is based on the online calculation; and the second is based on offline calculation. We would like to explain the second version that is becoming a tool mainly used for converting the value of currency through the manual way. Shortly speaking, it is an offline tool, dedicating for those who want to calculate the foreign currency estimation. Broadly speaking, such an offline tool is also useful particularly if you want to learn more about currencies of different countries around the globe.

A question arises here: where to get the currency calculator? Well, an offline one can be downloaded here. By downloading the offline template, there will be more than 40 currencies inserted on such a template, and all of them are normalized against US$ 1. You can update the currency inside the template based on the currency conversion in your country.

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