Depreciation Calculator

Within the realm of business (any business that we may find), there will be a term called depreciation. It is a term that mainly refers to an event where there is the reduction of value occurring on any asset due to tear and wear, passage of time, usage, obsolescence, or technological outdatings and more factors. This is the common sense, of course. It means the depreciation is something that cannot be avoided by a company. However, the most important thing that should be counted is: how to calculate or record the depreciation of value?

Depreciation Calculator Template for Excel

Depreciation Calculator Template

The answer to that question is simple: we need to use such a thing as the depreciation calculator. Generally, different items mean that we can find different degrees of depreciation. For example, the value of mobile phone will be degraded rapidly compared to the other item such as cars. Such a differentiation also means that there will be a different method used when someone calculates the depreciation. You can easily use some of the methods by way of using an excel template for depreciation calculator. But surely the question is: where to get such template?

Well, you might download it here. It has been equipped with some of depreciation methods such as sum-of-years digit, straight line and declining balance, so that people can operate that template easily. Note that the template is completely free so this has become the most preferred option to consider.

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