Proforma Invoice Template

Online business is not a new thing for modern people who get involved with the internet very much. The online business is increasing time after time because there are more and more people who use the online method for getting the product they want. In fact, the online business can be done easily since people do not always have to provide the product on their own. It must be true that people can make the cooperation with another company for selling product to the customers online. There must be procedure which should be followed in this system for sure.

Proforma Invoice Template

When people want to import product for example, they need to send the purchase order to the supplier and the supplier will send the proforma invoice which is suitable to the purchase order which they sent before. The proforma invoice becomes the confirmation method for the ordered product and then the ordered should send the total payment to the account which is included in the proforma invoice. It means that anytime there is order, supplier needs to send the proforma invoice again and again but this procedure can be easier since there is Proforma Invoice template which can be found easily for free on the internet.

There will be the information about the company which orders the product and the shipping information. There is also the note about the bank account for payment as well as description of the product order in detail. Of course there is also information about the total cost including the product price, shipping price, as well as tax which can be found in the template of Proforma Invoice.

Since it is created in Microsoft Excel, you don’t have to worry about calculating product values. You can put SUM formula to sum all amounts without worrying that the calculation become incorrect. Remember to keep one copy, or you can duplicate the worksheet if you want to create a new proforma invoice for different customer.

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