Body Fat Calculator

Are you fat enough or you just felt that you were too fat? Some people, mostly ladies might have problems with self confidence that somehow always being related to the weight. Though they actually are not fat at all, they would still try to reduce the weight. To prevent some terrible condition such as bulimia, it would be better if you know the parameters of fat such as the Body Fat Rate. Knowing the body fat would give you the excellent description of your fatness. You can use some online tool available in internet or you can download this simple excel tool to measure your body fat offline. Some sites require specific information to measure the body fat. For example, they asked the data of your chest to measure the body fat of your body. It would give you the description of your muscle condition.

Body Fat Calculator Template

Body Fat Calculator Template

to use this template, fill your data in. There are two methods available to be chosen where both methods will give you a slightly different result. The result will automatically be mapped in body fat classification range which will inform you the status of your weight, whether you have an excellent body shape or not :).

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