Calories Burned Calculator

Calories Burned Calculator is created to help you calculate how much calories you burn on your day. Knowing the amount of calories burn is essential to figure out whether your weight loss program successful or not. If you eat more calories and burn less, it means you will gain weight and you ruin your weight loss program. If you eat less, it means you are successfully doing your program.

Excel Calories Burned Calculator Template

Calories Burned Calculator

The calculator makes it easy for you to calculate calories burned from various activities. The database of Calories Burned Calculator consists of numerous activities that people may do, including home daily routine such as cleaning, laundry, gardening, sports activities, office works, driving, and even sleeping. You only need to click the down symbol. You will find the list of activities and choose one of them. Weight will influence the calculation so you also need to fill the box. Then, you need to fill how long you do the activities and the calculator will automatically calculate it.

You need Microsoft Excel with at least 97 version to use this calculator. And this Calories Burned Calculator can calculate up to 15 activities and the total calories burned will show at the bottom right. However, the calculation is only estimation because you may do the activities heavier or lighter. Therefore, you can use it as reference only.

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