Credit Card Use Log Template

All modern people like to go shopping. Today most people are consumptive so they really want to buy product and always follow the development of the world. In this modern time, people can purchase all things without need to leave their home or office. What they need to do is just ordering via online and they will get what they need. All people prefer to pay via credit card rather than cash because when they use credit card, they never need to bring lots of money in their wallet. They can buy all things with magic card. There are some banks that offer you credit card.

Credit Card Use Log Template

When you have credit card, it is important to always remember the limit and the deadline to pay credit card use log. You will get bill from the bank and you must pay it. You should use your credit card in wise way. You should not use your credit card over than the limit. It will be very dangerous for you. It is important to choose credit card limit that is suitable with your ability to pay the monthly credit card use log bill.

Credit card use log template consists of 8 columns. There are date, description, payment or purchase, amount, merchant name, transaction fees and also balance columns. You need to fill the credit card type. There are three common credit cards types such as Amex, Mastercard and also Visa. You should not forget to fill the name of the bank, your name and also limit. You can keep your credit record when you always pay all bills on time.

If you need more columns to write other important information, you can use insert new column menu. You can also create excel formula to summarize your usage for your personal evaluation. With this information, you can calculate budget that you can allocate each month.

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