Attendance Calendar

School teacher, human resource manager, the organizer are the parties that eventually need something to monitor the presence of people in a particular event or area. The teacher will need something to monitor the presence and the absence of students, while HR manager need it to monitor the presence of the employees. But what is the thing we are talking in here? Well, it can be formed through a scrap of paper called attendance calendar. People can see it as a form of paper consisting of a list of the names of students/employees.

Attendance Calendar Template for Excel

Attendance Calendar Template

You should be familiar with such a thing as an attendance calendar because your teacher or your manager should have used it. That planner is probably intended for calculating the passion of students/employees, which in essence can be measured through their attendance at school, office, or factory.  If a student has too many absences, then s/he can be regarded as “lazy” one, or else, it can take as consideration to assume that s/he has a problem. In a broader sense, such a thing as an attendance calendar can be used to evaluate either students or employee performance.

The internet world is a perfect place where you can find many versions of attendance calendar, and one place to download the attendance calendar is here. It can accommodate 25 students/employees, 4 absence codes, and 12-month period. There is a pro version that can be bought to extend its capability to accommodate up to 250 students/employers, 8 absence codes, and a 36-month period.

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