Employee Timesheets

Lots of things should be monitored in the frame of management. If you are a manager of a company, all things should be written in details, especially when it is about costs. There are elements of costs. One of them is the labors and employees’ payments. If we have lots of employees and labors, it will not be possible for us to watch over them one by one. That is why, we need the tools. One of the tools is the Employee Timesheets.

Employee Timesheets Template for Excel

Employee Timesheets Template

This is the sheet that we use to monitor the arrival and departure time of the employees and labors. We can  easily monitor whether they come on time or not. The Employee Timesheets will be used to monitor the attendance time of the employees. Based on the data that you have got from the time attendance machine or the fingerprint detector, you can input the arrival and departure time of your employees.

This will be important for both sides. You, as the manager can ensure that the costs you have spent for the labors’ and employees’ payments will be perfectly matched than it should be. Nobody can cheat. For the employees, this will be important, especially if they have had some sorts of overtime work hours. You can download such spreadsheet here. You do not need to create it by yourself.

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