Student Attendance Record Template

Being a teacher is not an easy occupation. Besides delivering lessons to students, you also need to make evaluation to their knowledge and skills mastery. You have to arrange the report of every student’s academic progress. One of them is by giving scores to the done tests. However, this element just takes several percent among of whole portion of academic reports. Another element to be included is the students’ attendance.

Student Attendance Record Template

Keeping track of presence of the students in the class sometimes can be a little bit overwhelming. Therefore, you should use Student Attendance Record. It is true that you always have presence table on hand to check whether all of students attend the class or not. You mention their names, get the answer and give a mark on the right cell. This work is done whenever you teach in front of the class. And at the end of week or month, you have to arrange the report. It seems to be very easy task to do. But creating the presence list manually with a piece of paper, a pen and ruler is time wasting.

Now, you are able to find two major templates of Student Attendance Record to be downloaded for free, weekly and monthly. They commonly use the simple application on the Excel spreadsheet. You just need to find the right type and customize it. Simply enter the students name and teaching period. After having the required template, you can directly download the presence list. It is possible to have the monthly Student Attendance Record, but it will need large paper size.

You can create a simple excel formula using conditional formatting menu to add some color markers for particular students who are not attending your classes. You can put different colors for different absent types. Official holidays also can be marked using that Excel conditional formatting formula menu as well.

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