Basic Inventory Control

Inventory control has essential role in your business. It is required to keep in tract of the incoming and outgoing of each item. If you do not have any inventory, it probably means that you deal with the risk of losing sales. Otherwise, if you have too much, you will have to deal with a larger budget to spend.

Basic Inventory Control

Basic Inventory Control

The job to control the inventory requires for discipline and importantly right tools. Fortunately, you can simply have simple equipment made on Microsoft Excel. There is no need to arrange the sheet yourself. The easy to use tool with one click entry is available to be downloaded from internet and used for any business or company.  The most essential thing about using the basic inventory control spreadsheet is saving both money and time.

Customize the List of Categories

Are you familiar with the Microsoft Excel? It does not matter if you are not. The spreadsheet of basic inventory control is customizable. You can just add several points, clicks and keystrokes. Print out the template and then fill it out. With this basic tool, you will be able to manage the essential aspects of inventory in simple way. It should at least contain of the following categories which are able to be sorted and customized:

  • ID of inventory
  • Name of each product or item
  • Description of each product or item
  • Price of each product or item
  • Quantity
  • Value of inventory
  • Reorder level of each product or item
  • Reorder time in days
  • Quantity in reorder of each product or item
  • Product or item discontinued

Besides keeping the track of the incoming and outgoing of your stuff, the MS Excel based controlling tool also has function like a calculator. Counting the value of each item gets much easier and faster. The content box in the upper right-hand corner will also remind you when to order new stuff.

Your Time and Money Saver in Controlling the Inventory

Tracking the inventory has important role in keeping the business running well. You can avoid stock-outs and overstock hazards. If you run out of stocks, you will miss the sales and turn the customers away. Otherwise, the improver inventory management can leave you with the too much certain items on stock. There is chance that they won’t ever get sold at all. To make sure that you do not store items unsold, you should manage the inventory properly. Simply download the inventory control spreadsheet and get your stock management done easily and practically.

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