Vehicle Service Record Template

Are you looking for a simple template which let you do the recording of vehicle service expenses? If you like to be organized in all things, making a record of all made expenses is important. You will know how much money you have spent and what they are for. Take for example is the vehicle service record which will be a supporting data to monitor the car, motorcycle or other vehicle maintenance.

Vehicle Service Record Template

Vehicle Service Record is a simple spreadsheet made in Microsoft Excel. It can be used to write down the amount of the cost to cover related to the vehicle maintenance service. You can create it yourself without having to use complicated software. For more detail recording, you can include your name and vehicle information. The mileage log can be mentioned too. And it will be clearer if you list the services one by one and sum each cost. The calculation can be done automatically as it has been provided by the formula.

Why should you do this recording? You will be able to calculate the total funds to spend for the vehicle monthly or annually. Besides for personal reminders, the record of vehicle service can be used for material accountability to be reported to the boss if you use company fleet. If you forget where you save the invoices, this record is also useful. The report can be arranged easily by showing this record.

As you can see in image above, this vehicle service record is a general spreadsheet that built for particular company’s purposes. You might need it in different format since your requirement may be broader. Get the idea and try to create it by yourself. It is not as difficult as you think.

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