To Do List Template

Are you working in team for many office works? Are you the leader of this group of people? How many workmates do you have to work with? Being a leader of the team is not easy. You have to be able to see each of your pals specialty and character. It determines the success of the jobs you are going to give to them. If you have found the right way to spread the tasks, you will need to keep monitoring each progress. Do you know what you need for this?

To Do List Template Excel

You just need to make To Do List. Everyone in the team probably has known things to do with the given task. However, it is still necessary for you as the leader to check the progress. It is still reasonable to let them keep the focus on things to do rather than being busy with many side-tasks. It helps your people stay on the first priorities. Sometimes, deadline is not the only reason why you should consider about the To Do List.

You can simply create a table with three columns for number, listing of things to do and status using Excel application. It is possible to add date and time if you need. However, the first sample of list with three columns looks much simpler to use. Alternatively, To Do List can be obtained on the internet. There are many people who are willing to share their creative work for free. Find them on the World Wide Web and take one sample to copy. Print some and hand them to your people. You can look for it in image search function to find image like above picture. It has a simple bar chart feature that will show progress every time one task is completed.

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