Bowling Score Sheet

Bowling is a fun game that you can do it for recreational purpose or for a tournament. However, calculating the score would be a little confusing and you need Bowling Score Sheet because the rules are complicated. If you get a strike, the next two frames will influence the score and if you get spare, the next frame will influence your score.

Excel Bowling Score Sheet Template

Bowling Score Sheet

Using Bowling Score Sheet, you can easily calculate the score of each player with only filling each frame by the number of pins knocked down by the player, “/” for spare, and “x” for a strike. The score sheet will automatically calculate the score. Of course, the score will not complete until the last frame because if you do strike in the 8th frame and the game is 10 frames, you need to wait until the 10th frame to get the real total score. The score sheet is available for multiple players up to 8 bowlers and you can type the name of each bowler on each scoring.

Available in Excel format, the Bowling Score Sheet does not require you to download and install software on your Windows computer except Microsoft Excel. You can play bowling with fun without confusing to calculate the score because the sheet will do the job for you.

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