Euro 2012 Football Tournament Schedule

In June 2012, Ukraine and Poland will host the Euro 2012 Football Tournament. There are 16 countries participated in this tournament. Those are Croatia,Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Ukraine. Spain is the Euro 2008 champion and being predicted to continue its 2008 success. But, they will get a strong challenge from Netherlands and Germany who performed well in World Cup 2010. But, do not underestimate England, Italy and other countries. They could become surprising countries that win the trophy like Denmark and Greece several years ago.

This is a Euro 2012 Football Tournament Schedule equipped with score boxes. You can put your prediction score and see the result in Group Standings or Knock Out Phase. You can replace your prediction score with the actual scores after the matches are finished. There is a tie breaker formula in Excel which follow the UEFA rules which will reveal the group winners and runner ups after all group matches are completed.

You can customize this spreadsheet by changing its language and timezone to your own language and timezone. After that, just fill the score boxes until the final match.

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