Finance and Accounting Templates

Net Present Value Calculator

Microsoft Excel provides financial functions to calculate complex financial calculation like Present Value (PV), Net Present Value (NPV), Amortization and many others. Excel template below will show you the implementation of Net Present Value (NPV) function to calculate particular financial values.

In more detail term, Excel NPV function is a financial function that calculates the net present value (NPV) of an investment using a discount rate and a series of future cash flows.

Finance indeed may become any people’s concern in this life. Whether they are common people who have working activities who depend on monthly paycheck or those who have a business to run. It is because finance may become more and more important to consider, the need to keep record and monitoring our finance condition will be compulsory to do especially those who have business. It means that you should be able to conduct monitoring effort to the cash flow of your finance such as in your business or investment.

Based on the reason that common people may lack of knowledge and experience in how to conduct management and monitoring effort to their cash flow, most of them may become more interested in hiring the help from professional indeed. Yet, in order to avoid spending too much money on such effort to monitor and calculate your cash flow, you can take alternative idea such as by using net present value calculator chart. Like the name cited, such template may become useful to monitor the result of calculation of your net present value or cash flow especially from your business.

Commonly, there are more than one projects or investment that you may include on such net present value calculator. Each of such projects or investment may has the content such as discount rate, period in year, initial cash flow, project NPV, difference, percentage, and also cash flow.

Finance and Accounting Templates

General Ledger

What is General Ledger? It is an accounting template to summarize financial transactions or journals based on account codes. It is important part in past accounting bookkeeping since it is used as references in trial balance before being presented as financial statement.

In this computer era, general ledger is become less significant since financial statements can be generated from journals directly and automatically.

General Ledger Template

Everyone could make use of this template, from ordinary people to businessman. Every kind of business, especially small business need to have a general ledger that will help them to keep track on their daily account activity. This template can help to keep everything written down and recorded nicely. There is no limitation on who can use this template. But in most case, people who have more account activity than a stay at home mother can use it. It means people who run small business, freelancers, and those who work from home can get the benefit of using this template. So, there is no need to wait anymore. Download this free template right now and start to keep track on day to day daily accounting events from today.

The question is how do people can use this template? Now, let’s take a look at the biggest benefit that this template has to offer. Now, we all know that in accounting world, a messy record on daily financial transaction is forbidden. People need to keep organized and keep everything nice and tidy. The general ledger template is the best and the most convenient way to input any financial data without has to worry for messing it up. The template is so simple and very easy to understand. There are the areas where people can enter the date, description of the transaction and also balance information. People can use it directly by entering the financial data to the template or simply print it down where people will input the data manually.

People can download this template for free. This template is compatible with Microsoft Excel templates both for Windows and Mac, which means almost anyone can make use of it without have to pay a dime. General ledger template is only one example of accounting Excel templates that is available in our library where people can check each one of them and find the one that they use to make their life easier.

Finance and Accounting Templates

Compound Interest Calculator

Compound interest calculator is an excel tool to help you calculate the value of your investments or savings after particular period of time. This is an interest scheme where bank always use to calculate their client’s savings.

A good company must have a good management which can monitor every sale of goods. In a broader sense, it is sure that a company should record everything related to all ongoing transactions, loan amounts, and savings. Shortly speaking, a company must record everything related to its financial condition. In the field of finance, there is a term called compound interest.

Compound Interest Calculator

Compound interest is a financial term refers to the rise of interest that is added to the principal. In essence, this term has proven to be useful when a company already has savings in the bank. Compound interest can be used as a tool to calculate the growth of company’s savings. The same goes for a company deciding to take a loan. Shortly speaking, compound interest is used mostly as a tool to calculate the future value of your loan or savings.

And it is also can be applied to your personal savings as well. You can calculate how your savings will grow over some period of time. So, if you have a plan to have a vacation one year from now, or continue your school 3 years from now, you can calculate it using this calculator. But, the main issues with savings, there is always a temptation to use it for unnecessary or unpredictable purposes which could ruin your savings target.

Anyway, you can download this free compound interest calculator and start playing with your numbers around.

Finance and Accounting Templates

Aging Account Payable Template

Aging of account payable template is an Excel spreadsheet to record and track supplier’s account payable. You may need this to organize and schedule your payment in order to keep your business cash flow meet your budget.

As a business doer, you have to manage your customers well especially on the money. You have to classify which supplier who have to pay their order because of the payment period and which supplier who are considered as new one. To handle this kind of situation, you need to use aging of account payable chart. By using this chart you can classify and report your supplier easier than the manual way.

Aging of Account Payable Template

Because it is about the payment day, you also need to take clear information about which suppliers who have to pay right away and the new one. The chart helps you to manage those suppliers because you have the data. For example, the chart can classify the suppliers who have to pay up to 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. To make it strong and easy to check, you also need to include the invoice number of your supplier. If there is a problem, you can check the chart as well as the invoice to solve the problem. Hopefully, by using this aging of account payable you can manage their order and their payment better than before. At least, you can limit the mistake in the payment process from the suppliers.

The aging of account payable is made in eight columns. You have to complete the transaction date, the invoice number, and the account name. To make it clear, you also need to write down the account number description. Just give the check mark on the period of payment time and the last thing to do is writing the total of transaction from your suppliers.

Finance and Accounting Templates

Aging Account Receivable Template

This is an Excel template to summarize aging of account receivable. Aging of accounts receivable refers to the method of sorting the receivables by the due date to estimate bad debt expenses. Accounts receivables arise when the business provides goods and services on a credit to the customers.

As a business consultant, you need to know whether your client has a healthy business or not. Definitely, you have to analyze from any kind of aspects. One way to analyze whether your client has a healthy business or not is by using aging of accounts receivable. It is a chart which can help you to manage your client well. By using this chart you know their transaction and the payable order they need to pay to the other company.

Aging of Account Receivable Template

You can check the history of the transaction from the invoice and the total of money they have to pay. The date is also important to make sure about the period of payment time they have to achieve to the company. In short, this aging of account receivable is good especially for analytical tool.

This tool is useful to analyze the financial condition and detected the health of your business. If the business is healthy you can find the way to develop it and if it is unhealthy you know how to solve it earlier before it gives impact to the financial condition. Definitely, it helps you to handle your client easier and better to make sure that your clients get the information which they need.

There are several columns you need to fill. Those columns are including the date, invoice number, account name, and the account description. There is also the limit of the time to clear all in which they have to clear it in 30 days, 60 days, or more than 90 days. Just don’t forget to check the total of the transaction to get exact prediction. You may create it by yourself based on template that you found in internet.