Baby Growth Chart Template and Percentile Calculator

What is baby growth chart template? It is a template to record your baby weight and height and see their growth among other babies in the world. It uses Microsoft Excel to plot its weight and height.

A chart has been provided a main function for people who want to measure the degree of progress. Most of charts will be useful for most people, particularly for those who want to pay attention on the progress of something – it could be the growth of baby, the development of company, or even the stock sale. Around these ideas, we might direct our attention mostly at the realm of baby growth chart. It is easy to create the chart if you use a software like excel, but in essence you might still need the help of this excel template.

In the realm of baby growth, you will not thinking about using excel as a software to monitor and to track the baby’s growth. However, these days, excel often used as software on which parents can records all things related to baby growth.

Using this template is easy, just select your baby gender, type their birth date, and you can start to fill their weight and height at your monitoring dates. You can see additional black line come in the chart up which will represent the progress of your baby weight/height over monitoring period.

This excel template also equipped with percentile calculator where you can see the percentile value for normal babies or seeing your baby percentile at given dates.

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