UEFA Euro 2020 Football Match Schedule Template

UEFA has released details of Euro 2020 final tournament match schedules. Tournament will held in year 2021. All 24 teams have been revealed and also the official schedule. But, the Euro 2020 name is remain as it is.

It is a tough task to UEFA committee to organize the schedule. Twelve countries will host the tournament. Seven countries are already in. There are four more hosts that could qualify after playoff matches. With consideration that there are possibilities that as many as eleven countries will play in their own countries, UEFA committee needs to draw them carefully. And, they have made it.

There is no easy path to become a champion. It is not a star effort. It is a team effort. There is no guarantee that team that play well in qualifying stages can pass through group stages easily. There are many examples in past Euro tournaments. The stake is different. Also, there is a chance underdog team will become a champion. It happened. Remember Denmark? or Greece? They won when there is no one predict them would win.

To use this Euro 2020 schedule template you need Excel. Or, you can use Google Sheets to update it online using your smartphone.

Before using this template, you need to set it up first, if you want to have them with your own language and time.

Due to its complicated tie-breaker regulation, it will give you difficult task if you want to rank group standings manually. Especially if teams are sharing similar points. There are 10 level tie-breaker regulations in UEFA rule book to determine standings. Furthermore, there are additional regulation to decide four 3rd-best place teams in each group. Fortunately, this template already has formulas to solve them. You don’t need to think about those tie-breaker regulation. Just use it.

Steps on Using Euro 2020 Match Schedule Template

  • Select language
  • Select timezone
  • Fill group match scores. Qualified teams will be placed automatically in particular knock out round brackets after all group matches are completed.
  • Fill knock out round match scores. If particular matches have to go through penalty shoot outs, additional score boxes will be shown. Type the score and the winner will advance to the next round automatically
  • That’s all. You know what? You can use this template as a prediction template. Since you don’t have to understand how the tie-breaker formula works, you can fill the score, and see the standings automatically.

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