Aging Account Receivable Template

This is an Excel template to summarize aging of account receivable. Aging of accounts receivable refers to the method of sorting the receivables by the due date to estimate bad debt expenses. Accounts receivables arise when the business provides goods and services on a credit to the customers.

As a business consultant, you need to know whether your client has a healthy business or not. Definitely, you have to analyze from any kind of aspects. One way to analyze whether your client has a healthy business or not is by using aging of accounts receivable. It is a chart which can help you to manage your client well. By using this chart you know their transaction and the payable order they need to pay to the other company.

Aging of Account Receivable Template

You can check the history of the transaction from the invoice and the total of money they have to pay. The date is also important to make sure about the period of payment time they have to achieve to the company. In short, this aging of account receivable is good especially for analytical tool.

This tool is useful to analyze the financial condition and detected the health of your business. If the business is healthy you can find the way to develop it and if it is unhealthy you know how to solve it earlier before it gives impact to the financial condition. Definitely, it helps you to handle your client easier and better to make sure that your clients get the information which they need.

There are several columns you need to fill. Those columns are including the date, invoice number, account name, and the account description. There is also the limit of the time to clear all in which they have to clear it in 30 days, 60 days, or more than 90 days. Just don’t forget to check the total of the transaction to get exact prediction. You may create it by yourself based on template that you found in internet.

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